Why the Medina Marrakech Morocco is the Best Tourism Destiney

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May 20, 2022

Why the Medina Marrakech Morocco is the Best Tourism Destiney

Welcome to the icon medina Marrakech Morocco

Medina Marrakech Morocco was and still an icon tourism destiny all over the word. Everyone came to this charm city fall in love with all its specifics in first contact. Here I’m writing this article with much love about this unique city showing you why you should visit the Medina Marrakech Morocco.

Where is the Medina Marrakech Morocco

The city of Marrakech is located in Morocco, North Africa, it’s founded on the foot of the Atlas Mountains in the west. It’s one of the imperial cities of Morocco and the capital of the region Marrakech-Assafi. If you’re in Rabat, the city located in the southwest with 327 km (about 4h to reach there), and 580 southwest of Tangier (takes about 5h30 minutes). But if you’re in Casablanca, the city is located in the south about 239 km (about 2h) and 246 km northeast if you’re in Agadir.

Why the Medina Marrakech Morocco called the Red city

As it’s known, each name of a place is named after someone or something has a special event in the past. However, Marrakech has more than a single name where it’s called “El-Behja City”, which means funny or happy city; and that’s because its people are talkative and funny and the joke is one of their characters. Also, medina Marrakech Morocco known as the Red city and if you have been there, you will know why it has that name. Almost all buildings and houses are painted with the red color also this color means lot to the inhabitants. The city was founded in 1062 by Abou Baker Ben-Oumar Elamtouni, grand cousin of the famous Youssef Ben-Tachefine the Caliphate of Almoravid, the Medina was one of the four capital impairs in the kingdom. In the 12th century there were built several Madrasahs (schools) and mosques by the Almoravid with an Andalusian architecture, the buildings were built by the clay and red rocks; as a result, all who visit the city at that time call it the red city. Furthermore, Marrakech known as the city of 7 holy men (Sabaatou Rijal) and also called the capital of Palm trees.

Such a beautiful building at the Medina in Marrakech. The Ben Youssef Madrasa was an Islamic college from the 14th century till 1960 and is without a question one of the most beautiful buildings of Morocco.

What are the must-see sites of the Medina Marrakech Morocco

The most popular open place in the world is Djamaa El-fna square and which is located in the charm Marrakech. The site is the heart of the medina and an important economic source for the local inhabitants. Several activities and shows are daily practiced there including: story-tellers, box combats, music players, Henna art, snakes and monkeys’ owners called “Aissaoua”, comedy shows, crafts sellers, kiosks of food serving etc. The site won the best world picture in 2017-2018.

Majorelle Garden is where most people love to walk in and hang out with their friends. It’s an artist’s landscape in the medina Marrakech Morocco. It attracts lot of artists all over the world because it was architected by the French artist Paul Sinoir in the 1930s but it was named after its founder the French orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle. Now it’s one of the iconic sites of the Medina Marrakech.

El-Koutubia mosque: the famous mosque in North Africa and all over the world also the largest one in Marrakech. It’s located near the famous square of Djamaa El-fna and surrounded by large gardens. I’s architected on the Almohad style because it was built at the time of Almohad Caliphate by Abd al-Mu’min in 1147.

The Menara Gardens: the gardens have been chosen as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. It has a large basin with different colorful flowers and plants. The founding of these gardens gets back to the 12th century by the Almohad Caliphate ruler Abd al-Mu’min. Also, has a Pavilion described as a royal because of its great and beautiful architecture and overlooking on the large pool of the gardens. 

Further must-see sites: Tombs of the Saadians, colorful traditional souks, the charm Lalla Takarkoust, Kasr Elbadiaa place, Mellah (Jewish square), Jewish Cemeteries and Synagogues etc.

In addition

We hope you fully understand why the Medina Marrakech Morocco is a famous tourism destination and why you should visit this icon city sooner. 

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